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Buali (Avicenna) Research Institute Directors
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
Dr. Tafaghodi, Mohsen
Dr. Tafaghodi, Mohsen (PharmD, PhD)
Associate Professor

Head of the Buali Institute

Dr. Mohammad Ramazani Dr. Mohammad Taghi Bahraini Dr. Bahraini, Mohammad Taghi
Professor (MSc, PhD)

Biophysics Research Unit

Dr. Mohajeri, Seyed Ahmad
Executive Manager
Dr. Mahmoud Mahmoudi Dr. Mahmoudi, Mahmoud
Professor (MD, PhD)

Immunology Research Unit

Dr. Maryam Bidar Dr. Bidar, Maryam
Associate Professor (MDDs, Endodontics)

Dental Research Unit

Dr. Javad Behravan Dr. Behravan, Javad
Professor (PharmD, PhD)

Biotechnology Research Unit

Dr. Mahmood Reza Jafari Dr. Jafari, Mahmood Reza
Associate Professor(PharmD, PhD)

Nano-technology chief of staff

Dr. Saber moghaddam, ali akbar
Assistant Professor (MD, Ophtalmologist)

Ophthalmology Research Unit

Dr. Seyyed Hassan Alavi Dr. Alavi, Seyed Hassan
Associate Professor (MSc, PhD)

Electron Microscope Unit

  Dr. Sadeghian, Ali
Professor (PharmD, PhD)

Microbiology Research Unit

Dr. Reza Shafiee Nik Dr. Shafiee Nik, Reza (PharmD, PhD)
Associate Professor

Pharmacological Research Center
of Medicinal Plants

Dr. Davood Attaran Dr. Attaran, Davood
Associate Professor

Lung Disease & TB Research Center

Dr. Mohamad Reza Ghavamnasiri Dr. Ghavamnasiri, Mohammad Reza
Associate Professor

Cancer Research Center

Dr. Nayere Khadem Dr. Khadem, Nayere
Associate Professor(Gynecologist)

Women's health research center

Dr. Mahdi Balalimood Dr. Balalimood, Mahdi
Professor (MD, PhD)

Medical Toxicology Research Center

Dr. Reza Rajabian Dr. Rajabian, Reza
Professor (MD, Internal Medicine)

Endocrinology Research Unit

Dr. Ashraf Mohammadzade Dr. Mohammadzade, Ashraf

Neonatal Research Center

Dr. Mahdi Ghasemi Dr. Ghasemi, Mahdi

ENT Research Center

Dr. Mehdi Hasanzade Daloee Dr. Hasanzade Daloee, Mehdi
Associate Professor

Cardiovascular Research Center


Dr. Omid Rajabi Dr. Rajabi, Omid
Associate Professor (PharmD, PhD)

Techno Pharmacology Unit

Dr. Mohammad Reza Oladi Dr. Oladi, Mohammad Reza

Biology & Bioinformation
Bank Unit

Dr. Alireza Tavassoli Dr. Tavassoli, Alireza
Associate Professor (MD, General surgeon)

Endoscopic & Minimal Invasive Surgery Research Center




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MUMS Electron Microscope Unit
Buali (Avicenna) Research Institute

Unit Head:Dr. Alavi, Seyed Hassan 
Email: AlaviH[at]  
Phone:+98 511-7112773
staff:Mrs. Hosseini, Bibi Ashraf

Electron microscope unit is located at north-west of BouAli research institute. The unit space is about 140 square meters.
This unit has following facilities:

  • Electron microscope instrument room
  • Ultra microtome room
  • Dark room
  • Preparation of specimen room
  • Director's office


MUMS Electron Microscope Unit


History: Aim:
The transmission electron microscope is used in both metallurgy and biological sciences. It is a scientific instrument that uses a beam of electron and magnetic lenses to focus on the electron beam and magnify the image after the electrons pass through the specimen. Thus, transmission electron microscope reveals the interior of the specimen.
The specimen must be very thin and be able to withstand the high vacuum present inside the instrument. Thin sections of samples are placed on the copper grid and are stained with heavy metals. The slice of tissue can then be studied.
The EM instrument in this unit was bought in 1997  installed by Dr. Jafari.
Dr. S. Hassan Alavi has been appointed as the head of electron microscope unit since June 2006.
In addition to standard negative film
recording, the instrument is equipped with a CCD camera for digital image recording by Dr. Alavi.

Offer practical efficient services in the field of electron microscopy for scientists and investigators. We hope to be able to improve our services with advances in technology and update our facilities such as digital imaging as much as possible .

Lab instruments:
  • TEM. Leo910
  • Ultra microtome LKB
  • Knife maker LKB
  • Digital weighter
  • Diamond knife
  • PH meter
  • Magnetic mixer
  • Light microscope Olympus
  • Light microscope novex
  • Stereomicroscope leica
  • Oven 50

What is an Electron Microscope...

Educational activities:

In this unit, education courses on principles of transmission electron microscopy is Periodically offered for undergraduate students of Ferdowsi university, and Postgraduate students of anatomical science at MUMS.

In addition, electron microscope unit has accomplished workshops on practical training of electron microscopy many times for applicants such as faculty Members and postgraduate students.

Research activities:

Research projects in this unit have been performed with cooperation of different research Departments or independently, for example: Ultra structure study of spermatogenesis Cells after exposure of morphine in adult male mouse.

The tools and technical services for performing the thesis of postgraduate students Of MUMS and other universities have also been carried.

Clinical application of EM:

Electron microscope has been used in all areas of biological and biomedical investigations because of its ability to view the finest cell structures, and it is also used as a diagnostic tool in pathology labs for improving diagnostic and treatment of disease.

EM unit Services:
Electron microscope unit offers the tools and technical services for research and training for those who do not necessarily want to operate the electron microscope instrument, or to prepare specimen themselves. The staff of the Electron microscope unit offer training and practical services including Microscope operation, specimen preparation, digital photography and Image analysis.

New services in  IMU:
 Electron microscpe unit offers technical services in Immunoelectron microscopy to detect the intracellular location in structures of particular proteins.
Specimen Preparation for TEM:

1. Primary fixation (glutaraldehyde 2-4%)

2. Secondary fixation (osmium tetroxide 1-2%)

3. Dehydration

4. Infiltration

5. Embedding

6. Sectioning

7. Staining

MUMS Electron Microscope Unit


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uali (Avicenna) Research Institute Library
Library History

Avicenna Institute library started its operation on May 2001 in a circular center between administration building, Immunogenetic and Immunology research units. In addition to the library services, this unit also provides computer services including internet access to the visitors.
Library activities

1- Collection building: Ordering books and journals based on the needs of library clients and ongoing research projects. The priority is given to the practical books and units' directors' requests.
2- Registering and coding library materials based on the NLM coding system
3-Membership: Dean's permission is necessary for membership.
Avicenna Monthly Journal
18 issues of Monthly Journal covering Institute research activities
have been published since 2004.