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Buali ( Avicenna) Research Institute
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
Buali (Avicenna) Reserch Institute affiliated with Mashhad University of Medical Sciences enjoys a friendly, peaceful, and beautiful academic environment with well-equipped units and top researches. Although a young institute, it has been able to have a very good output and highlighted activities and outcomes.
Buali (Avicenna) Research Institute welcomes all researchers who wish to collaborate in proposals and research projects, or they can pursue their own goals in this research institution.
Moreover, medical, postgraduate and PhD students are able to pursue their research thesis. For the time being, more than 120 domestic and international students including clinical fellows, PhD, PharmD, MD & MSc students are accomplishing their thesis, research projects and training courses in BuAli Research Institute.
  • Technology production in the field of biological and recombinant products for our independence
  • Satisfying the need of the country through increased knowledge of basic research for increasing individual knowledge
  • Satisfying the needs of the country through the Applied Research bringing creation of new methods
  • Medical research protocol within the globe
  • Development and application of human knowledge in the field of genetics science, immunology, physiology and so on
  • Scientific cooperation with other scientific and research centers outside the country
  • Training human resources in different research areas

There is a cylinder-shaped library in the middle of the garden with a wide range of medical books as well as an information center inside to provide the newest version of online books and journals for the applicants. In addition, there is a computer center with 24-hour online service for researchers and students involved.

An exhibition is held annually as well to present research achievements of the Institute researchers and scientists. Also, there is a biweekly seminar program that is becoming a forum to present the latest data of domestic and international scientists and encourage exchanging ideas and discussions.

Furthermore, people can spend their free time in the garden area including cafeteria, patio, and fruit garden.

  Achievement & Awards:

Registration of Invention in NCBI:

Dr. Mahmoud Mahmoudi (Immunology Research Center)
Dr. Abdolreza Varasteh (Biochemistry Research Center)
Dr. Mohammad Reza Abbaszadegan (Pharmaceutical Research Center)
Dr. Reza Farid Hosseini (Immunology Research Center)
Dr. Javad Behravan (Biotechnology Research Center)

Dr. Mojtaba Sankian (Immunology Research Center)

Mashhad University of Medical Sciences top researchers:

Dr. Maryam Bidar (Endodontics Research Center), 2004-2005
Dr. Mohammad Hossein Boskabadi (Physiology Research Center), 2001, 2003
Dr. Hossein Hosseinzadeh (pharmaceutical Research Center), 2001, 2005



In order to expand research activities scope, agreements for educational and scientific cooperation have been made between the institute and several international institutions such as:

Muenster University in Germany, Surrey University in the UK, King Edward University in Pakistan & UPM in Malaysia