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Research Centers

Main Activities: Basic and Clinical Immunology


  • Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
  • Immunotherapy
  • Infectious diseases


Use of self-defense as a means of survival is considered as one of the most important biological solutions for surviving in this world. This mechanism is a significantly important natural reaction within the human body. A complex and accurate system is actively defending and supporting our body. Investigation of different scenarios and paying attention to the complex aspects of this powerful system will make us informed about our bodies, thereby resulting in the identification of approaches for the improvement of the mechanisms of this system against diseases.


Immunology Research Center started operating as the first research center at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences in 1997 and succeeded in obtaining an independent budget from the National Budget Organization. The purpose of establishing this research center was to develop the production of knowledge in related areas of activity, such as autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, immunotherapy, and infectious diseases. Implementation of practical research tailored-made to the needs of the society and also the national promotion of research ranking in the country are among the plans of this center.


Over decades of operation, the center has succeeded in achieving the first to third rankings in Khwarizmi and Razi festivals. Considering its academic potential and research strategy, the center has also made educational efforts in holding workshops related to immunology, cell culture, protein extraction and expression, DNA and RNA extraction, and gene expression. This center has also focused its research activities on four major components, namely human genetics, immune genetics and cell culture, molecular biology, and biochemistry immunology.