Clinical Research Unit

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Clinical Research Unit
The Clinical Research Unit was established in 2001 pursuing the following goals:
a. Enhancing communication between Institute Basic Sciences Units and Clinical Research Units of MUMS

b. Providing a clinical center for the diagnosis, treatment and follow up of patients participating in research projects

c. Providing a data bank of diseases in the research projects

d. Setting direction for the research projects toward more practicality
Clinical Research Unit  Clinical Research Unit

Clinical Research Unit activities:
1- Research projects prioritizing: Clinical Research Unit prioritizes research projects based on the common genetic diseases, prenatal diagnosis and importance of molecular pathogeneses.
2- Disease databank: Clinical Research Unit provides a comprehensive data bank of the diseases which were studied in the research projects.
3- Other services:
  • Defying Nonsynrdomic carriers in the referral patients from the Cochlear Implant Center
  • Provincial Consultation Center for Talacemia: We provide consultations to the couples carrying Talacemia gens across the province with cooperation of the State Health Centers.
  • Genetic Consultation Clinic: We provide genetic consultation and diagnosing clinical genetic. We have established a consultation center in Children Hospital (Dr. Sheikh Hospital).