Molecular Biology Unit

Mahmoud Mahmoudi


 Professor of Medical Immunology

Head: Dr. Mahmoud Mahmoudi, PhD in Immunology
Full Professor


  • Different aspects of autoimmune diseases
    • Detecting genetics polymorphism autoimmune diseases
    • Cellular phenotype in autoimmune diseases
    • Role of hormones in autoimmune diseases
  • Use of molecular procedures in diagnosing cancer
  • Use of molecular procedures in parasitic diseases research
  • Detecting effects of herb extracts and its compounds in
    • Prevention of proliferation of cancer cells
    • Prevention of duplication in promustigut of major leshmania
    • Increasing activity of macrophage killing microbe
    • Proliferation of tumor and natural cell lines and the role of cell molecular mechanism
    • Measurement of cytokines by ELIZA and fellowcytometry method
  • Evaluation of protein expression by western blotting