Job Opportunities



  1. Recruiting 1 PhD student, “PhD by research” in Human Genetics, selected after national Iranian exam
  2. MSc or PhD joint thesis/internship: Open ONLY for foreign students in the following centers (for more information, please contact the head of the center)
  3. Metabolic syndrome research center
    1. Clinical nutrition
    2. Translational cancer research
  1. study of the mechanism of action, toxicity and efficacy of novel anticancer agents, as well as in the field of clinical pharmacology of chemotherapeutic drugs,
  2. modeling of pharmacogenetic studies, mostly in colorectal and pancreatic cancers.
  3. identification novel biomarkers as prognostic and diagnostic markers in cancer

Immunology Research Center, Molecular Biology unit

  1. Different aspects of autoimmune diseases
    1. Detecting genetics polymorphism autoimmune diseases
    2. Cellular phenotype in autoimmune diseases
  • Role of hormones in autoimmune diseases
  1. Use of molecular procedures in diagnosing cancer
  2. Use of molecular procedures in parasitic diseases research
  3. Detecting effects of herb extracts and its compounds in
    1. Prevention of proliferation of cancer cells
    2. Prevention of duplication in promustigut of major leshmania
  • Increasing activity of macrophage killing microbe
  1. Proliferation of tumor and natural cell lines and the role of cell molecular mechanism
  2. Measurement of cytokines by ELIZA and fellowcytometry method
  1. Evaluation of protein expression by western blotting


  • Immunogenetic and Cell culture unit
    1. Stem cell therapy for treatment of disease, research and clinical trials
    2. Genetic and immunological researches in field of autoimmune, inflammatory and infectious diseases
    3. Researches in genetics of mental diseases
    4. Researches in cancer vaccines
    5. Promoting new basic and applied research


  • Immunobiochemistry unit
    1. Epidemiology studies on allergens in Mashhad and province of Khorasan
    2. Detecting allergenic sources and allergen molecules in Mashhad and province of Khorasan
    3. Purifying and detecting immunobiochemical indexes of allergen molecules
    4. Cloning allergens and developing recombinant proteins
    5. Purifying and detecting immunobiochemical indexes of recombinant proteins
    6. Diagnosing and specific treatment of allergy by recombinant allergen proteins


  • Human Genetics Unit
    1. Evaluation of Novel Molecular tumor markers for early diagnostic and prognostic purpostic in GI. Cancers
    2. Establishment of cell line for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) and gastric cancer
    3. ESCC and gastric cancer mRNA transfer in dendritic cells and immuno-gene therapy of ESCC cancer
    4. Molecular characterization of mutant genes in Genetic diseases (i.e. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia)
    5. CRISPR/Cas9 based gene editing in Hematopoietic stem cell isolated from beta- thalassemia patient
    6. Identification of potentially pathogenic and prognostic genes and pathways associated with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, gastric, and colorectal progression using RNA-seq data from GEO and TCGA databases
    7. Serum extracellular vesicles (Exosome) containing non-coding RNAs serve as a potential biomarker for colorectal cancer diagnosis


  • Applied Biomedical Research Center


  • medical toxicology research center
    1. Molecular modeling and experimental study of new peptide-based and Potential application of amino acids in analytical toxicology


  • Antimicrobial Resistance Research Center
    1. Research activities and cooperation in industrial measurements regarding antibacterial substances and diagnosis of infectious diseases using molecular, common methods, and microorganism genotyping